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Alzheimer’s Memory Care & Dementia Memory Care

The progression and decline of watching a loved one maneuver through dementia or Alzheimer’s diagnosis are filled with shaky ground and uncertain times. One thing that Nova Home Health Care does know- is that taking a patient experiencing cognitive decline and dementia thrive better in familiar and loving environments. This is why we have created our in-home dementia and memory care assistance program.

With our hand-selected and thoroughly trained Home Health Care providers- we are able to provide high-quality care in the patient’s home. By keeping the patient in a familiar, and comfortable environment has been shown to significantly reduce the amount of caregiver burden, decrease falls risk, and increase engagement/participation with daily tasks taking the load off of the loved ones and allowing better longevity and outcomes. With the ability to tailor to meet you and your loved one’s needs- we can provide assistance for a variety of days and hours to ease the load on the whole family.

Nova Home Health Care has providers available to fill the needs of those across Fairfax, Arlington, Reston, Vienna, Ashburn, and other areas. Enquire today- and let us get you one step closer to a better quality of life for you and your loved ones.

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