Companion Care Service

Nova Home Health Care providers understand that not every need is medical or rehabilitative. Recovering from a procedure or providing caregiver needs and attention can limit the time and attention for other tasks. Don’t need our skilled services? Let us take the load off of you and lend a helping hand in other ways.

Our skilled in-home providers are qualified to suit your most desired needs such as light housekeeping, household chores, laundry, dishes, running errands, scheduling and appointment planning, transportation, meal prep, socialization, supervision, and so much more. With as many or as few days/hours you need- Nova Home Health Care Companion Care service at Fairfax, VA is here to provide quality services in whatever realm suits your needs. Able to fill needs in homes across Fairfax, Arlington, Vienna, Reston, Ashburn, and much much more- inquire today.

While we are in your home to provide a service, Companion Care service is just that- a companionship. Our clients and families can see the benefit of a loved one engaging in companionship in a comfortable environment resulting in their needs physically being met, as well as an added psychological and emotional benefit with resultant improvements in engagement and demeanor providing an overall boost in health and wellness. We take pride in Nova HHC’s Companions and know that they will provide you with the best quality of care with the utmost compassion.

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