Ashburn Virginia Location

Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy in Ashburn VA

At Nova Home Health Care, we are confident in our approach to in-home health care.  We believe in personal care, therapy, and nursing services that are provided by experienced and well-trained professionals who are closely supervised by our management. If you or a loved one needs the assistance of an in-home health agency, please get in touch with us. We’re so eager to start creating a plan for you and your loved ones to make your quality of life palpably better.

We offer the following services to accommodate our patients’ specific needs:

  • Skilled in-home nursing – Our nurses are licensed and meet all of the state licensing and regulations for practice at the home.
  • Post-surgery home care – Our in-home caregivers will help you recover from any kind of procedure by coming every day, or simply once a week.
  • Speech therapy – Our in-home speech pathologists help with all types of language skills, swallowing, and memory issues.
  • Physical therapy – Nova HHC offers in-home physical therapy services. We understand that you need a convenient way to do your physical therapy, especially when movement isn’t the easiest.
  • Occupational therapy – Our occupational therapy services give you the ability to get day-to-day tasks done that have become difficult. In addition, we equip you to learn how to eventually become independent.
  • Outpatient services – Whether you’re recovering from a medical procedure, or simply need a more convenient way to receive medical assistance, Nova HHC provides accommodating outpatient services.
  • Dietetics – Our registered dieticians help our patients with diets prescribed to them by doctors, or simply those wanting more information on healthy eating.

Get in touch with us at Nova HHC today to learn more about how our in-home healthcare services can help you get the best quality of life possible. We have locations all over Virginia, including in Ashburn. Contact us today.