Discharge/ Outpatient Services

Discharge/Outpatient Services

When you or someone you love invest in our outpatient services, our discharge planners and client support personnel will accompany and assist you during admission or discharge from a hospital, surgery center, or other facilities.

If you need to go to a medical facility, a caretaker can bring you to your appointment. Similarly, we can schedule to pick you up from a medical facility after your appointment. Nova Home Health Care offers a variety of services to help you or a loved one remain independent and get the care they need. We offer our services in ArlingtonViennaChantillyRestonFalls Church, and many other areas throughout Northern Virginia.

Patient visits might include all of the following:

  • Wellness & Prevention Visits: If you have regular checkups or a specific wellness or prevention visit scheduled (e.g. a colonoscopy, a prostate exam, a mammogram, etc.), we can take you to and from your healthcare facility. With certain visits, like a colonoscopy, a patient may not be able to drive home. We can help.
  • Treatment VisitsIf you have a treatment visit planned, we can ensure that you have assistance getting to and from your healthcare facility. Health treatments, such as cancer treatments, can be very taxing on the body and they may require that you take extra preparation before and extra care after treatment. We can help with pre-treatment preparation, transportation to and from treatment, and we can take care of you or your loved one once home.
  • Diagnosis Visits: Similarly, we can take a patient to and from a diagnosis visit. Often, patients who are inquiring about a health issue cannot get themselves to and from their healthcare facility. If you have any sort of affliction that impairs your ability to get to or from your healthcare facility, or if you simply want help, you can count on your resident in-home health agency.
  • Rehabilitation Visits: If you’re in need of rehabilitation, such as physical therapy for a hip injury or vestibular rehabilitation, we can ensure that you make it to your appointments. We also provide in-home rehabilitation services, so we can help you with exercises and therapies within your home and on an outpatient basis to maximize your recovery.

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